Friday, August 29, 2014 update. This site is in the middle of crucial restorations. We have had some vexing issues but some really good stuff is shaping up. The last few days has been progress in prototyping and, I went to a self-improvement retreat.

In the past, this was a website aimed to Stop the SPP, by some people calling themselves a coalition, against the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America. It started in 2005, and wikipedia says it died quietly around 2009.

Other things SPP-ish are Student Partners Program, Saskatchewan Pension Plan, and quite a few other things, that you can find on Wikipedia.

Now, this website was a gift to me, with a useless domain name. I need some suggestions for unique and fun things that SSP could stand for, hopefully something funny. We must stop Surgeons Practicing on Puppies, for instance.

Stop Snoring, Stop motion, stop and stare, stop staring, stop podcasting, stop procrastinating, stop puppy